So I’ve been processing today. It’s something I have to do from time to time. I woke up feeling rather sore after my falls yesterday as well as a bit disheartened. So I took some time this morning to work through it.

Buddy is such an important part of my life. Doing well together makes me feel good about myself. So when I have disappointments like yesterday, the self-doubt creeps in. Am I a good enough rider? Will we achieve the goals I’ve set us? Can my dreams come true? I started down a bit of a rabbit hole if I’m honest.

As a rider, I look to myself first. Did he pick up on my nerves and apprehensions? Could I have ridden better? You know the sort of thing. But honestly, I think we both just had a bad day. And we’ll learn from it.

It’s easy to focus on the things that didn’t go well. Or how far the goals seem. But sometimes we forget the 10,000 little steps we take along the way. I sat and looked at the pictures on our Wall of Fame, the rosettes we’ve won and videos of us in action. We’ve succeeded before. We will succeed again!

I’m proud of me for getting back on the horse, literally and metaphorically. It’s important to me. So I’m happy to put in the time and effort needed. Just wish it didn’t come with so many bruises sometimes…


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