Road test

Well I said I wanted to road test my new body protector today. But I didn’t mean actually road test it! Seems Buddy took me literally when we went XC schooling today.

He also took the Tiger Trap literally too. He’s jumped it so many times in the past. But today it was terrifying. We parted company. Twice. Second time after jumping the bigger fence in an attempt to evade the fence I was asking him to jump. Horse logic huh?!

It’s been a while since we went XC schooling so I kinda get why he was a little unsure again.

It’s so frustrating. There are times when I feel like we’re going backwards. But we worked through it. And finished together smiling.

At least my new body protector is very comfortable. It definitely did a good job today. Oh and I am all good. Few more bruises to add to the collection.

I know I’ve been working really hard on our flat work and jumping. So guess I need to work on the XC a bit more before we tackle our first ODE. The road with horses is rarely linear.


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