Pretty trotting

After a longer than expected hiatus, Buddy and I entered the boards today for a spot of pretty trotting. I worked out that our last pure dresssge competition was December 2019. I’ve done camp tests and ODEs since then though.

So this was a big deal for us. Well me. We’ve been working hard on our flatwork so I was hoping to see some improvements. But as I drove there, I told myself today was about having fun. And if I got over 60% I’d be thrilled.

Things didn’t run smoothly this morning. It took me longer to plait and the Buddymobile needed another jump start again. But we were off only about 10 mins behind schedule. The A11 was crawling along. So I was behind when I arrived at WHW.

Still got tacked up and onboard in super quick time. I’ve been riding a lot in sticky jods recently, so to switch back to non-sticky took a bit of adjusting. I slide quite violently when I asked for canter. Poor Buddy wasn’t sure what to make of it all!

Still we entered and the test went rather smoothly. I was really pleased with Buddy as he’s only ever been to WHW for jumping. He did all the moves at roughly the right places. And didn’t spook at anything.

Really pleased with 64.21% (6th place). And we got a 7.5 for our first centre line.

Then it was a bit of a wait for the second test. I lost track of time chatting so Buddy had a very short warm up. It was all going rather well till my brain decided to go AWOL and I totally blanked. Error of course for me then. Like I can afford to throw marks away. Doh!

Picked it up again and finished the test. I was expecting a very low mark. So 58.46% wasn’t too shabby (10th).

All in all there were lots of positives to take from today. And I know where I need to improve.

First thing I need to do is buy some competition sticky jods. Then I need to sort out my nutrition as I felt the tank empty. Two bits of toast isn’t enough it seems for a full day out.…


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