7 years ago I said my final goodbye to Murphy. He was the horse of my dreams. He saved me from myself. After having my first ‘Pip blip’, I realised I needed another horse. A focus. An outlet for my stress. A reason to leave the office.

I’d always wanted to event. But never had the horse to do it. So when I started looking, I was keen to find one to achieve that dream. Murphy ticked every box for my dream horse. 16’2, KPWN, grey, event horse…

When I bought him, I’d never even done a dressage test. Let alone had the first clue how to event or what it entailed. I mean, how hard can it be?! Right?! Very it seems.

One of my strengths is determination. Sometimes to my own detriment. So I put in the hard work and after years of lessons, fall, bruises, highs and lows, we completed our first ODE. I was officially an eventer!

I’m eternally grateful that this gorgeous creature came into my life. He taught me so much. Tolerated even more. I loved him then and I love him still. And I miss his quirks.

He laid the foundations for Buddy. I hope he’s proud of how we’re doing.


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