It may have only been a week since I rode last, but it’s felt like longer. This was the perfect tonic to my ‘jet-lagged’ state this morning. Even though I haven’t left the time zone, it’s the only way I can describe how I felt when I woke up this morning.

After a morning of catching up on life, Buddy and I went out for a long stroll. It’s a weird time of the year. I can’t tell what time it is. Or to be honest, what day! This photo was taken at 1:30pm, but felt like 3pm. Weird.

What was also weird was the temperature! It was so mild today. Buddy was dripping when we got back and he’s been clipped. I overlayered too. So we were both hot messes.

Mother Nature is as confused as we are in this weird world. Still, it means I haven’t had to break out the big rugs or thick coats yet.


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