World Mental Health Day

So it’s World Mental Health Day. Well this is the face of a person who has..

  • had bouts of depression
  • had bouts anxiety
  • faced many struggles
  • overcome so much
  • cried so hard they’ve feared they’ll never stop
  • laughed so hard they’ve never wanted it to stop
  • had so much energy they can’t sit still
  • had so little energy they can’t get up
  • thought so much they can’t sleep
  • been so tired they can’t wake up
  • felt like they can conquer the world
  • been scared to leave their house
  • cared too much
  • not cared at all
  • felt such pain they can’t breathe
  • felt nothing but numbness
  • loved deeply
  • been hurt even deeper
  • been a frequent visitor to dark places
  • always found a way back to the light

Mental Health isn’t obvious. It isn’t straightforward. It is something we all have. We shouldn’t need a day to tell us to think about it. It should be part of our daily life.

So let’s all try to look after ours. Do what makes you feel good. Be with people who make you feel good. But most importantly be kind – to yourself and others.

And if you’re struggling right now (as many seem to be), know that you are safe, you are loved and you are very much appreciated.


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