The twig burner has been called into action today. It’s been rather cold. And it seems I have one too!

Woke up feeling rather under the weather (where does that phrase come from?!). Still managed to get stuff down but at a slightly slower pace. Blooming germs. I really don’t like being ill. Thankfully it’s just a cold so will pass soon.

At least the twig burner has made my little house feel toasty, cozy and warm. And that makes me very happy.


3 thoughts on “Stoked

  1. I hope you start to feel better soon! I also have a little wood burner in my house, and it always feels so good to have a fire going in the fall and winter, especially after long days at work.


      1. Good to hear!! I’m doing okay, during the fall and winter my leg and foot hurt more due to the cold temps, but having a nice warm home definitely helps! They’re saying we’re going to get a lot more snow than usual this year, so that should be fun… LOL


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