We’ve arrived in Lincoln for the Champs. Really good journey here earlier. Buddy travelled like a dream. I was a bit worried that he wasn’t eating his haynet till we arrived and I saw he’d eaten the back of it.

He wasn’t keen on the stable as he walked in and straight back out. He liked it considerably more when he realised there was grass in it. Actual green grass too!! A rare sight for us Norfolk folks.

Took him for a leg stretch before dinner. He was absolutely brilliant with the heavy traffic going past on the bypass. Not so sure about the footballers on the pitch. Though he did show some rather nice passage. 😆

Walked both courses for tomorrow. They look OK. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

Now tucked up in my little lorry for the night. Everyone is being so supportive and lovely. It’s great to be part of a team. Oh and we’ve got a medal for getting here. A proper one too. What a lovely touch.


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