I woke up on a mission. I’d stripped the bed, changed the bedding, washed the bedding, hoovered and cleaned before 9am!!

Then I hit the laptop. I got a bit distracted by a weird noise outside. At first I thought it was a bird. Then I thought I’d landed in a Hammer House of Horror film as all I could hear was creaking.

You know when you hear a noise. Then you can’t stop hearing said noise. So I headed into the garden to try and work out what it was. Few minutes later, I realised it was the overgrown buddleja rubbing on the fence.

Cue me diving into the undergrowth with the loppers like Lara Croft! Of course I took the more challenging route to get in. And found a fuchsia that I didn’t know I had. Also got smacked in the face by a few branches.

Might have got a bit carried away. So I now have a full brown bin and no more creaking.

I may have peaked too early this week…


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