You are my sunshine

Took Buddy out for a long hack in the sunshine. I wanted to check he was OK after the issue with his shoe yesterday. Thankfully he was sound as pound. Where does that phrase comes from?

It was such a glorious day. Spring is definitely on the way. Nature is definitely waking up too.


Hoof soup

You know it’s been hot when your tub of hoof dressing looks more like soup! It’s a tad melted. Still works though, even if it was running down Buddy’s hooves.

He had the farrier tonight. Since he had to have his shoe off for a bit a few weeks back, he’s lost a big chunk out of his hoof. It looks a bit of a mess. But Buddy doesn’t seem bothered by it. And he’d kept the shoe on without issue.

Given the problems he’s had with that hoof, my farrier asked me to trot him up after he’d shod him. Poor Buddy was uncomfortable on that hoof again. So off the shoe came and after a few adjustments and nailed it was back on differently, Buddy was good again. So glad we checked.


I woke up on a mission. I’d stripped the bed, changed the bedding, washed the bedding, hoovered and cleaned before 9am!!

Then I hit the laptop. I got a bit distracted by a weird noise outside. At first I thought it was a bird. Then I thought I’d landed in a Hammer House of Horror film as all I could hear was creaking.

You know when you hear a noise. Then you can’t stop hearing said noise. So I headed into the garden to try and work out what it was. Few minutes later, I realised it was the overgrown buddleja rubbing on the fence.

Cue me diving into the undergrowth with the loppers like Lara Croft! Of course I took the more challenging route to get in. And found a fuchsia that I didn’t know I had. Also got smacked in the face by a few branches.

Might have got a bit carried away. So I now have a full brown bin and no more creaking.

I may have peaked too early this week…

Camp catch up

It’s 4 weeks today till Buddy and I head off to our ‘big camp’. Today I met up with 3 fellow campers to chat all things camp.

I love taking Buddy to training camps. It’s not just the learning or spending time with him. It’s about spending time with like-minded people (who don’t roll their eyes when you talk horses).

This photo sums up the fun we have. I’m very excited. Just need to get Buddy sound again.

Speaking of Buddy, he’s not a fan of a poultice as he took it off overnight. Attempt number 2 done tonight, so fingers crossed that stays on.