Still trying

Well our first ODE of 2022 wasn’t this shining success that I’d hoped for. I withdrew before XC as Buddy wasn’t right.

Dressage was an unusually calm affair. Except he didn’t feel like he was travelling in the trot. In comparison, canter felt amazing. Still we did all the right moves, in the right place and I was pleased with how it went.

I was disappointed with a low score of 44. But I can understand it having read the sheet. Got 7’s for the canter and walk work. But 4-6 for the trot. Canter is usually our worse pace. Go figure!!

Then onto SJ. He rode in lovely and was taking me into the fences. So set off feeling good. Sadly Buddy went to pieces in the ring. He hasn’t been like that for ages. Mr Nappy Pants was back in full force. Got him round but it was a bit of a battle. The positives are that I did get him round and we left most of the fences up.

Wasn’t sure what to do as he just didn’t seem right. I know he can go a bit feral. But this seemed different. Decided to take him up to the XC warm up and see how he felt. Even if I used it as a schooling round, it would be beneficial.

Well that was the theory. Buddy was charging around, not listening and wouldn’t trot. When I did get trot, it was clear there was a problem. So I withdrew. Better to save him for another day.

He’s sound in walk and canter but trot isn’t level. All very odd. I felt every inch of him when we got back and there’s nothing obvious. I’ll trot him up tomorrow and see how he looks. There’s something going on with him. Just not sure what. All healing vibes gratefully received right now.


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