Buddy and I went to a bitting clinic. It was really interesting to get a different perspective on things. Buddy was on high-alert for some reason. And wasn’t at his most co-operative. But we worked through that.

I showed her the video from our SJ round last week. That helped her get a sense of the issues we’ve been having with inconsistent contact. Then she watched us in action. She could see I’m trying to be consistent but he was too busy looking ‘outside the classroom’.

She said he was very fleshy lips and didn’t like too much tongue pressure.

All was going well, till she let me know that I had his bit in back to front and upside down. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Funnily, he went nicer in it when it was corrected. Honestly, I wish they came with instructions sometimes!

She likes him in it for SJ / XC but recommended a different bit for dressage. We tried a few before hitting on one that felt better. It was really interesting feeling his reaction to different bits.

It makes our achievements all the more special given my ineptitude with his bit.


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