Enjoy the ride

I’ve lost a bit of my riding mojo lately. It’s kinda understandable given the past few years and the number of plates I’m spinning. 2019 was the best year Buddy and I had together. We ticked so many things off my horsey bucket list and achieved so much together.

Sure I set my goals for 2022. But I felt downhearted and like we were going backwards. Things I’d normally look forward to or find easy suddenly seemed daunting.

Today I tackled it head on. First a dressage lesson with a new instructor at a new venue. Two things that could have concerned me in the past. But I felt confident, learnt a lot and really enjoyed my lesson. She was really insightful and explained so much of what’s going on with us. And gave me homework. We both got a good workout!

Then a coaching call with an equestrian coach to talk through my rider mindset. Another really insightful lady. She gave me some brilliant strategies and really helped sort my spaghetti brain. Oh and more homework.

We can struggle with any aspect of our lives. I’m grateful to have some amazing people in my tribe who I can reach out to. 😘


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