First clinic of the year. And it was with European Eventing Champion, Nicola Wilson.

We headed off to WHW this morning and after a detour due to the a closed road and having to stop twice to retie Buddy’s haynet, we arrived.

Buddy rarely eats while travelling, but today he was eating so vigorously, he pulled it off. Twice. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Second time I saw him do it on the camera. He’s so funny cause he stood starring at it.

The lesson was great. Really enjoyed it and learnt lots. Well once I got over my initial nerves and Buddy’s enthusiasm. One for me to work on as I know I get tight for the first 5-10 mins in a lesson. Once we start jumping, I totally relax.

We jumped a mix of show jumps and XC jumps. Buddy excelled himself. Even if some of my lines were more than iffy!!

Need to keep going and I know it’ll come together in a competition situation again.


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