Battle scars

Well today’s show jumping was definitely a tale of two halves. We headed to Easton for Carlton Riding Club’s show. It was more like an eventer trail today and quite a testing track. Buddy seemed up for it in the warm up so I thought we were in for a good round. I’d entered the 70 and 80 as he’s been jumping so well recently.

He was flying till we reached number 8. When suddenly I was flying solo. Landed on the wing and got myself a bit tangled in the poles.

It’s never good when you have to walk out of the arena. But still we were both OK. It’s also never good when the photographer tells you she got a great sequence of my fall. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Quick regroup in the warm up where he felt OK. Decided to drop the 80 and ask if I could go round the 70 again HC instead.

After some pointers from Lewis, we entered the ring again. And this time made it round with 8 faults (4 of which were definitely my fault). 👏🏻

He jumped everything. Including a triple, a house and lots of XC style jumps.

Overall, I’m looking at the positives. I guess I just need to think HC every time. I know I get a bit competitive sometimes.

Bruises and grazes heal. One day I know it will all come together again. Till then, we’ll just have to keep trying.


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