Indoor hacking

Blimey! What a wet old day. Grateful to be able to do a bit of indoor hacking today. Still got soaked walking to and from the indoor school.

Typically I got home to find my new long riding coat had been delivered. Oh my days, it’s gorgeous. I didn’t want to take it off as I was so toasty. Looking forward to test driving it tomorrow. 👏🏻

Unfortunately I got home to a new water feature and a puddle on the floor. My garage gutter wasn’t draining away so water was pouring into the log store. And my roof has sprung a leak. Good job I have lots of waterproofs as I clambered up the ladder to sort the gutter. It was simple once I saw the issue. Not a clue how it moved but the down pipe was totally covered. Very odd.

Tried to see if I could see what was happening with the roof. Still clueless on that one. But at least I sorted one of them.


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