Buddy has a new favourite spot to shelter from the wind and the rain. He’s a very happy boy there.

Of course I had a minor heart attack when I couldn’t see him in his field. Then his little head popped up from behind the brambles.

He definitely had the right idea though. The weather was beyond weird. Still we managed to avoid the rain showers and pop a few jumps in the sunshine.



Today I found out that my waterproof coat isn’t as waterproof as I thought. But then it was having to deal with a LOT of rain!!

I thought my faithful waterproof trousers had let me down too as my jeans were wet underneath. Till I realised that they were wicking away the water from my base layer and fleece. Damn you science!

At least my feet were dry. My muck boots have a spilt in them. Thankfully I noticed so put different boots on.

Think it might be time to invest in a new waterproof coat….

Singing in the rain

Buddy and I headed out for a wind assisted hack this morning. It was a tad blustery! Met up with Lottie and Mick again.

Buddy was rather happy to find some haylage while we were waiting. Then he and Mick had a ‘Lady and the Tramp’ moment with it. It was super cute. Buddy looks like a giant next to him.

On the way back, the heaven’s opened. Made me think of the film ’Singing in the Rain’ as Buddy splashed through the puddles.

As luck would have it, it was on the TV this afternoon. So I sang along with it while I pottered around the house. It’s such a wonderful film. I do love a bit of Gene Kelly. It was a very different age. So glamorous. Perhaps we should all randomly burst into song…

Fair weather

One last trip round Blickling with Katie and Archie this morning. We checked the weather forecast yesterday and it said it would be dry. It lied. It was very wet indeed.

We waited in the car park to see if it was going to clear up. It definitely eased. So we headed off. As is the law of sod, we were at the furthest point away from the lorries when the heavens opened and we got soaked.

Blickling is such a beautiful place. Here’s to more adventures in 2023.

Wet Wales

It’s been a very busy day of pre-conference prep. It’s amazing the number of little jobs there are to do.

I was camped out in a conference room with a rather nice view. Unfortunately, it was obscured by the rain. Good job I didn’t get time to leave the building…

Early start tomorrow and another long day. I’m fuelled by caffeine, enthusiasm and conversations. I love the bonkers things I get to do. I really do.

Welsh Wales

This is my home for the next few days. I’m here working at a conference. Not the nicest day to be doing a 260 mile drive. It was aquaplane galore on the motorways. The Comedy Car held its own against the onslaught of rain. I could hardly hear myself think it was so loud at times.

Took me nearly 6 hours to get here as there was a hold up on the M25. Still I’m here now, fed and watered and ready for the off.

Activate Swan-mode!!


Buddy blew me a bubble tonight when I lunged him. How cute! Today’s been a catch up day. It’s been a busy few days (weeks/months) so there was a lot to catch up on.

The aftermath of the Champs needed sorting. As did the mountain of laundry. I was feeling rather pleased with myself for getting it almost dry on the line. When a thunderstorm hit (still not complaining about the rain).

I made a start on sorting the lorry too. I was too tired to do it on Saturday when I got back. Thankfully I don’t need to do a full clean as we’re off to a training camp on Saturday.


The chiro may have gotten a bit excited today when she saw raindrops on the window today. Till I told her it was the window cleaner.

I, on the other hand, was not as thrilled when I was woken up at 3am by heavy rain and thunderclaps overhead. I’m not going to complain as we desperately need the rain. And it gave me something to chat about at work today. Weirdly it seems it was another localised storm as none of the clients had had rain last night.

Light and shade

Gosh it’s been hot again today. I know I sound like a broken record, but it’s getting a bit tiresome now. I’m really, really, REALLY hoping the rain they’re forecasting next week arrives. We desperately need it right now.

Still the heat has given me time to catch up on a few podcasts. The kittens joined me in the shade while I listened to them.