Camp clean up

Today was my camp clean up day. Or the start of it. It usually takes me less time that I’m actually away, so that’s something. 4 loads of washing later and I’m almost there. Probably another 2 or 3 to go though.

Thankfully it’s all drying really quickly in the hot weather we’re having. Got my tack and the lorry to clean once the washing is done. It’s amazing how dirty everything gets.

While I was hanging one load of washing out, I spotted this fuchsia in the border. It’s stunning. So vibrant! Made me smile. My garden is fairing OK in the heat. But we all need to start a rain dance soon…

Bad clothing

After the heat of yesterday, today was much cooler. About half the temperature it was yesterday. Welcome to the British Summer!

Yesterday I was too hot to achieve much. Today I felt decidedly unsettled. Bit like the weather I guess. I’m missing riding. I know it’s not even been a week, but riding is my happy place. I miss going for a plod and shooting the breeeze with Buddy.

Decided to go for a walk instead. Guess who forgot to check the weather forecast before they left? Yup this muppet. So I got soaked through. My trainer aren’t waterproof so squelched my way back home.

Walked passed the yard to check on the Boy Wonder. Threw him completely by calling to him from the footpath that runs near his field. Well I guess he’s not used to me being there so will cut him some slack…

Clear head

This was the perfect way to end my day. Me and my boy out for a wander.

Since he’s had his bit in the correct way, he’s been so much more relaxed and so light in the contact. Fingers crossed it continues. Poor boy must have been so uncomfortable.

After the rain and thunder today, it felt good to be outside. It definitely cleared my head.

Stompy walk

After a very long day in front of the laptop, I desperately needed some fresh air this evening. It was too late to take Buddy out, so I went for a stompy walk instead.

I love a good stompy walk. It clears the head, gets the blood pumping and the heart rate up.

After all of the rain today, it looked so green and smelt so fresh. Since I last walked this route, they’ve made some changes. This field has been planted with something rather different. Couldn’t work out what it was so will keep checking on it.

Still it’s been a very productive day as I got the magazine I’ve been working on over to the designer. Excited to see the artwork soon.

Rain dance

Isn’t it amazing how a few drops of rain can reinvigorate a garden?! Today I’ve been perfecting my rain dance. Not something I usually do, but the ground is so hard already and the crops need it.

Seems to have worked as it’s raining now. When I got back today, the front garden was looking very lush. The bluebells are so pretty. I’ve even got some white ones in bloom. The rosemary has flowered too.

Storm damage

What on earth has been up with the weather today?! Four seasons again. One minute to was sunny, the next chucking it down. Driving was fun as there was horizontal rain and gusts.

This made me laugh when I got home. Storm damage Chez Langley.

Pony pals

Buddy made a new friend today. In fact, I’d say they were pretty enamoured with each other. He kept looking at her and she kept looking back. 😊

Lovely hack out with Rachel and her beautiful Midge. It may have been windy, but at least we missed the rain.

Two pony play dates in one week Buddy Boy! Such a lucky boy.


Another miserable day today. Took the lorry out to pick up a wardrobe for a friend this morning. That was a bit hairy at times. So decided to hunker down for the rest of the day and catch up on the curling finals.

Blimey, what incredible matches. It seems harsh to say I’m disappointed for the men. They still got silver in the Olympics. But so close to a gold. As for the ladies, what a match!

Curling is one of those weirdly addictive sports. I can’t say I totally understand it. But the kittens and I enjoyed it. Well I’m sure they would have had they not been snoring. At least it drowned out the sound of the rain and wind.

Roll on Summer and complaining about being too hot and biting things. We Brits love the weather!

Rainy day

As an equestrian, one of my most used apps is the weather. Totally failed me today as it didn’t really suggest it would be quite such a wet and miserable day. Oh well, luckily most of my plans were indoors.

I love the sound of rain. I find it rather peaceful. I also love words. So to find there’s a word that sums it up, makes me very happy indeed.

Indoor hacking

Blimey! What a wet old day. Grateful to be able to do a bit of indoor hacking today. Still got soaked walking to and from the indoor school.

Typically I got home to find my new long riding coat had been delivered. Oh my days, it’s gorgeous. I didn’t want to take it off as I was so toasty. Looking forward to test driving it tomorrow. 👏🏻

Unfortunately I got home to a new water feature and a puddle on the floor. My garage gutter wasn’t draining away so water was pouring into the log store. And my roof has sprung a leak. Good job I have lots of waterproofs as I clambered up the ladder to sort the gutter. It was simple once I saw the issue. Not a clue how it moved but the down pipe was totally covered. Very odd.

Tried to see if I could see what was happening with the roof. Still clueless on that one. But at least I sorted one of them.