Midnight snacks

I’ve been ‘trialing’ cats sleeping in the bedroom. So far it has been going OK. Hugo is a proper cuddle monster. He loves snuggling up in the small of my back. Dodo is happiest by my feet. Both are pretty good at staying put and have rarely woken me up (unlike Tom and Nero who used to party all night).

Well that was till this morning. At 2:30am I was woken up by a weird crunching noise. You know one of those noises where you’re trying to work out what it is. But your brain is also having a minor panic about what it could be.

Sadly my brain was right. Dodo had brought snacks to bed. 🐭 So there was me clearing a headless small rodent in a half asleep state.

Dodo was very unimpressed that his snack was taken away. And Hugo staged a protest by wailing outside my bedroom door for an hour.

Cats are now banned from the bedroom. Again.


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