Reflection time

So it’s been two years since I found out I was being made redundant for the third time and 9 years since I found out I was being made redundant for the second time. Talk about significant career date. You couldn’t make it up!

Understandably, I’ve been in reflective mood. I don’t feel like I’ve achieved much in the past 12 months again. Covidland is weird. That’s all I’m saying.

I didn’t think there would be more lockdowns.

I didn’t think both of my parents would be in and out of hospital (again).

I didn’t think I’d spend time in hospital with Covid myself.

I didn’t think being my own boss would be such an emotional rollercoaster.

I’ve lost friend I thought would be there forever. I’ve made ones I can’t imagine my life without. I’ve been scraped off the floor by some. I’ve been humbled by how far some will go for me.

I’ve learn so much about myself. It’s shown me that I am resilient, resourceful, determined, tenacious and so much more.

I’ve learnt to ask for help. I’ve learnt to help others the best way I can.

It’s been scary. It’s been emotional. It’s been so hard having to face so many things on my own. I’m grateful for the incredible people I have in my corner.

I know things will get better. I just have to keep moving forward and trusting the process. I will keep fighting, growing, believing, hoping and loving.


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