Leave a trail

So today is the first anniversary of setting up my business Leave a trail. At the beginning of the week all I could see was failure. It hasn’t been the success that I’d hoped for. BUT that doesn’t mean it’s not a success.

I’d spent the previous 30 years as an employee. Being self-employed is a huge change. I’ve learnt so much. I’ve been on an incredibly intense journey as I redefine myself.

I have to acknowledge that starting a new business in a global pandemic brings its own challenges. I’ve had many other challenges with my parents being ill. Me too. It’s not been an easy year.

I could have given up. But I’m still here. I’m still trying. And I’m still smiling. There have been lots of frustrstions, tears and tantrums along the way too.

I’ve met some incredible people this year and achieved a hell of a lot really.

And I remember why I started my own business. To give me the freedom to do the things I love while doing the things I love. Buddy is a huge part of that.

Here’s to the next year. Let’s hope it’s a bit more lucrative.


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