Burning calories

Back home after another fab BHS Clinic at Forest Edge. One night in the lorry, two lessons with Jo Winfield and lots of lightbulb moments.

It was blissfully quiet and relaxed. I’m so glad we decided to stay last night. Buddy had a very good night judging by the amount of shavings on his rug. I had a cozy night too. I love sleeping in my little lorry.

We both worked hard in our lessons today. Buddy had to work even harder in our jumping lesson with some bending lines. We were also working on the quality of his canter between jumps. He was ravenous afterwards. He burnt a lot of calories it seems.

Be still

Second day of lessons and it’s getting better and better.

Flat this morning and poles this afternoon. The theme of today was very much about being less busy with my aids.

Some really interesting techniques to try and while it blew my brain to start off with, it had incredible results. The word transformational was used!! And we got some fantastic feedback about the progress we’ve made in the past two years.

I brought the chair massage pad with me. Boy was that good! And much needed after 4 intense lessons.

Hungry stuff

Day 2 of camp. Or Day 1 of lessons. It’s been brilliant. Course jumping this morning and XC this afternoon.

Buddy was definitely up for it! Lots of comments on how well he’s looking and how fit he is. Bit too fit as we flew around XC a tad fast at times.

Still we started together and finished together.

He also got weighed today. He’s now 651kg. The lady from Spillers wanted to take him home with her. 😊

It’s hungry stuff this camp lark. Buddy is loving the clover up the hill.

Keep moving

When you’re dancing around the garden and you accidentally take a photo. 🤦🏻‍♀️

After a dressage lesson last night, a show jumping lesson this morning and a few hours in the garden, it’s a bit of a surprise I’ve got the energy to dance around. Music really does get me moving though. It’s been ages since I had a good dance.

Takes me back to my clubbing days…