Sunday (Friday) 13th?!

Strap in, this could be a long one. Today we headed to Blackwater for our latest ODE. It was a scorcher for sure! Not our day as we were thwarted a lot today.

Decided to step up to the 80cm. We’ve been jumping them well in practise so thought it would be OK.

Now the advantage to doing the bigger class is that you don’t have to be up at the crack of dawn. Or plait the night before. Well this totally threw me. Woke up and didn’t know what to do with myself.

Probably the worst plaiting job I’ve ever done as I was a bit thrown by it all. Still off we headed. Secretly I was hoping for clouds and a stiff breeze by the time we arrived.

Parked up and was promptly told that the space was reserved. So I had to move. Finally found a space but on the wrong side to where I usually parked. So that threw me and I lost the lorry several times during the day.

Undeterred I tacked up and headed to dressage to warm up. Checked in with the steward and was told my ring. As I was walking into the warm up (trust me I was a lot hotter than warm already), I spotted the rider behind me had the same number. Seems mine had changed and I didn’t know.

That meant my times had changed too. So did my ring. Then it got changed back again. Slightly off putting. Not the best warm up I ever done.

But an OK test. I thought we’d done a decent job. Buddy was calm and so was I.

The judge didn’t agree though and gave us our worst ever score 47%. I’m really disappointment with that given the hard work I’ve been putting in with our flatwork. I guess she can only judge what she sees.

Bit of a wait till SJ meant I had time to correct my number and find out what my times should be. As I was on my own, I thought I’d get everything ready for my XC change over. Only to find that I’d left his XC boots at home. The advantage of a lorry is that you can leave everything onboard. That only works when you actually put them back after cleaning them. Managed to borrow some backs. And used my SJ fronts.

That sorted, it was time to tack up again. Buddy was flying in the SJ warm up. So I felt really good going into the ring. Buddy had other ideas and entered in feral mode. While we jumped them all, he sent a lot of them flying. Not even sure how many we had down.

Still at least we jumped them at the first attempt.

Quick turnaround for XC. Got halfway up to the warm up and realised I hadn’t put my body protector on. Seriously?! My brain had fried in the heat I think!!

Again we warmed up beautifully. Buddy locked on to all of the jumps. Headed to the start feeling good again. Then there was a hold on the course and the ambulance went heading off. Thankfully horse and rider were OK.

Once we got the green light again, we got moving again. Timed it a few seconds too quick so nearly headed off on 2. Managed to hold long enough for the go.

Buddy headed out of the start box brilliantly and stormed 1 & 2. He was eyes on stalks most of the way round so more interesting lines and another silly stop (I really need to learn to kick).

It was bloody hard work keeping it all together. It was ridiculously hot. So I could have done without being told off by one the the jump judges for swearing. Didn’t know there was a rule about that?! It wasn’t like I was swearing at her or beating my horse!

But we made it round.

Another cricket score to add to the collection.

I’m frustrated and disappointed by today. I know it’s horses. I know Eventing is bloody hard work. It’s really difficult to get everything right. I’m not ashamed to say I cried most of the way home.

I try so hard and put in the hard work. When it doesn’t go your way, it’s really hard to take in that moment.

II’m overtired, over hot and over emotional. I’ll bounce back. I always do.

Today we started together, finished together and did some stuff in between.

One day it will all come together…


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