Feeling well

Well it’s good to know that one us is feeling well. Buddy broke through the fencing today and went for a gallop round the fields. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Horses are so weird in winter. Most things want to hibernate. Not horses, they can be super high energy. Yesterday we did a fair bit of jogging out on our hack. I say we. So time to up the workload again. Thankfully I’m getting more energy all the time.

Once he’d cooled down, we had a lovely chilled out ride. Guessing someone got rid of a bit of energy first….

I got a science lesson when I got back home. Lit the fire and smoked the house out. The smoke wasn’t drawing. Quick google and it said it can happen if it’s been cold. Cold air is heavier than hot and all that. It suggested putting a blow torch up the chimney.

Well I don’t have one of those (and I’m not sure anyone would allow me one!), so stuck the hairdryer up there instead. 😂 It worked!


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