Another year done

Well 2020 didn’t exactly go to plan for most of us, but I do think I had more than my fair share of challenges this year.

This year, my list of achievements looks rather slim, but getting through it has probably been the biggest one! It’s been a year like no other and one that I’m not sure any of us will forget in a hurry (as much as we may want to).

Now we know how much I love a list. So here you go lovely people. 2020 the year I:

  • broke my ankle
  • started this blog and shared my journey
  • lost my job but started my own business
  • lost Tom and got Hugo and Dodo
  • made new friends and lost others
  • learnt new skills and got more qualifications
  • had time to do jobs that had been on the list for ages.
  • added a few more hundred jobs to the list
  • spent too much time in hospitals
  • worried too much about my parents health
  • wrote a kids book that’s turned into 10
  • got Covid
  • came very close to the edge more than a few times
  • remembered how much I love walking
  • turned 50
  • learnt a lot about myself
  • missed hugs
  • have cried more than I thought possible

There have been many times when I’m not totally sure how I’ve gotten through these challenges. As the song say ‘I’m still standing’.

Buddy has kept me going for sure. On the days where I haven’t wanted to get up and face the world, he’s been my motivation. He makes me smile. And while we haven’t achieved anything in terms of rosettes, our bond is stronger than ever.

For 2021, I’m hoping for less drama, fewer hospitals and lots more hugs.

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read my blog and bring a part of my journey. It’s been quite a ride so far. Let’s see what happens next!!


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