So this isn’t where I thought I’d be spending my BH evening?! I’ve been having hearth palpitations for a few days so they wanted to check it out. Hoping it’s just a reaction to being ill.

Sadly I tested positive for Covid so that makes it all the more awkward. I had to be taken by ambulance as I’m isolating. It really is a horrible virus. I’ve been so careful and still I got it.

Please take it seriously my dear friends. I’m feeling dreadful right now.


One thought on “A&E

  1. Hope you feel better soon. It’s not great being in hospital any way but worse atm due to bloody Covid as can’t have any visitors. Are you low on iron that causes heart palpitations? At least your bloods will be done and can rule out heart problems etc. Will be a long night unfortunately, hospital so busy, unlikely to get home until the early hours. Try and get some rest. Sending love and hugs xx


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