Pink eye and poinsettia

My left eye has been a bit scratchy over the last few days. Today I woke up with a pink eyeball. It doesn’t hurt. But I can feel my eyeball if that makes sense.

Luckily I was working so popped to the pharmacy to get some drops during my first break. In the process I managed to lose my locker key. Managed to get the master key so I could get home. My big concern as my phone, wallet and car keys were in my locker. Had to skip lunch as it took my second break to sort it out.

Got home to find this beautiful poinsettia from my Pilates teacher. They always make me feel Christmassy.

As it my eye wasn’t pink enough, I somehow managed to flick sand in both eyes while lunging Buddy. Honestly, it’s a wonder I’m allowed out unsupervised… Good job I have eye drops.


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