I wasn’t sure if it would be tempting fate to book a jumping lesson on Halloween. A friend sent me this card as she thought I’d appreciate it. Definitely made me giggle.

The weather did it’s best to make it interesting as driving down the Acle Straight was a tad breezy. Arrived at Humberstone to rain and wind so strong the lorry was rocking!

Thankfully it was worth it as we had a great lesson with Portia. It’s been a long time since we had a lesson with her. Very glad we’ve made a lot of progress since that particular car crash where we barely made it over a jump.

Today, Buddy was keen and eager to jump everything. It seems my patience is paying off.

I need to get my bum in the saddle more. One of my more annoying habits as I hover. Buddy is a different horse when I get it right. And the only easy I can do that is to say bum to myself and I ride round.

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