World Mental Health Day

It’s World Mental Health Day. Seems right to post a photo of me.

This is the face of a person who….
has depression.
has anxiety.
has faced many struggles.
has overcome so much.
cries so hard they fear it’ll never stop.
laughs so hard they never want it to stop.
has so much energy they can’t sleep.
has so little energy they can’t get up.
cares too much sometimes.
doesn’t care enough.
loves deeply.
hurts even deeper.
has felt so alone.
has felt so blessed.
is brutally honest.
has hidden the hurt.
goes to dark places.
has come back to the light.

Mental Health isn’t obvious. It isn’t straightforward. It is something we all have.

Make sure you’re looking after yours. Do what makes you feel good. Be with people who make you feel good. But most importantly be kind – to yourself and others.

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