Never forget

I was at a hotel in Norwich on a training course. I went to check my phone before heading to the bar with the other delegates to find a ton of voicemails, text messages and emails from people wanting to know I was safe and got out of London. Turned on the TV in my room, stared in disbelieve and cried. It was too incomprehensible for my brain to take it in. And yet I couldn’t stop watching.

I joined my fellow delegates in the bar. We sat in silence, crying and raising a glass to those who’d perished.

I was fortunate to have visited NYC several times before it happened and ate in the restaurant in the sky. I still have clothes I bought in the shopping mall that used to be underneath.

When I returned after 9/11, I went to the relatives memorial museum. Sitting on a bench looking at the faces of those who died I cried again. Such a waste of human lives. And for what?! Terror, war, destruction never fix anything. When will we learn that force is not the answer. Tolerance and understand is.

9/11. We will never forget.

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