So today I ticked something off my todo list that’s been on there for a good few months now. I completed the NLP Practitioner course I’ve been doing and submitted the final test. Fingers crossed I pass it.

It made me think about things a bit differently. I first did NLP training over 10 years ago. But my life was so chaotic that I never took it any further. Redundancy and lockdown have given me the chance to do a few things I’ve wanted to but never had time for.

I’m seeing this time off as a gift now. And I’m grateful for it. I know I need to start earning some more money soon. It’ll come. For now I’m going to enjoy this gift. So this afternoon I sat in the garden with my boys and watched the clouds go by.

Dodo is auditioning from Brundall’s Next Top Model by the looks of him. I’m so lucky to have 4 very gorgeous boys in my life.

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