Still sick

OK I’m boring myself now. But I’m feeling as rough as a badger’s arse! I love that phrase. It’s very apt right now as my throat is still so sore and I’m still feeling rubbish. Slept lots of today, in between watching Despicable Me & 2 for good measure.

No results yet so even if I was feeling better I still couldn’t go anywhere. I can’t even start the antibiotics until I get my results. Just in case.

I hate moaning. But quite frankly given everything else that’s happened this year, it’s beyond a joke now. I’m so fed up of being hit by thing after thing. Whether it’s to me, my parents or all of us at the same time!

Don’t get me wrong, there has been so much good stuff too. It’s just right now, I think I’ve had way more than my share!

Fingers crossed the last quarter of 2020 is better than the first three put together!

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