I am very ill

I said when I started this blog that I would be as honest as I could be. Well buckle up!

I feel utterly dreadful. After sleeping for about 20 hours yesterday, last night I tossed and turned. I couldn’t breath as my nose is blocked. And running at the same time. I had to deploy the ‘nose tampon’. I’m having to breath through my mouth, which isn’t helping my sore throat. Neither is the fact my body decided that a mass evacuations of both ends was in order!

I ache all over. My glands are up in my neck so that even stiffer. Whatever this is, it’s is utterly vile. So I’m admitting defeat and cancelling the lovely things I had in my diary for this week. Including a relaxing treatment, a birthday outing and our first ODE. Dissappointing but there will be another time.

Oh and to top it off, one of the cats has been sick in the conservatory.

All I want is a big hug and someone to tell me it’s going to be OK. Really not helpful at the best of times.

Thankfully I’m rarely ill, but when I am it’s usually pretty spectactular!!

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