Ask an expert

Today Buddy has a visit from Bridget Colston Complete Horsemanship IHRT EET to see if she could help with his lorry issues.

Just my luck it was like Piccadilly Circus at the yard. The straw was being delivered so that meant a huge flatbed trailer and two tractors for Buddy to look at.

It kinda helped though. There was so much going on it almost made him focus on the job at hand. Bridget decided clicker training is the way to go with him. He does love a treat so quickly picked it up. She suggested putting his ears on too to help reduce the noise.

One dodgy moment when the straw trailer reversing round the corner in front of the lorry and worried him. Poor boy nearly leapt onto it in his haste to get out and away. Thankfully he stayed with me.

She really helped explain a lot of his behaviour. Bridget said that Buddy was a A* student today. Really enjoyable and interesting session. And we’ve got lots of homework to do. I do love homework.

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