When I was little…

As a kid I preferred to be outside. I grew up in the edge of a market town, close to the countryside. Rolling hills, woods and water all around me. I was lucky to have a curfew of dusk and the freedom to wander. I’d cycle for miles and miles, travelling as far as my legs would take me.

Today I came back to one of the woods where I used to spend hours. In some ways, nothing has changed. In others, it’s changed massively. There are now new houses all around it. But it still has the peacefulness I craved as a child. I’ve always taken myself off to nature when I’m stressed, upset or feeling down.

We used to camp in these woods and have so many adventures. It makes me wonder what happened to some of those friends.

I walked past my old primary school. It looks so tiny now. Coming back to my parents is a so evocative. Talk about memory overload!

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