Cone of shame

Well that was stressful! Hugo came through his operation without issue. Got him home and put the ‘cone of shame’ on. Well he DID NOT LIKE THAT!! He threw himself about, got it off 4 times and made his boy bits bleed. Thankfully he hadn’t burst his stitches. Honestly the things I have to do!

Keep him calm they said. Restrict his exercise they said. He’ll be tired they said. Not a bit of it. He was tearing round the living room like his tail was on fire. So he’s now sulking back in the cage and wailing. He is not a happy camper. Lord only knows what Dodo is going to be like next week.

Still he got a clean bill of health and quite a few new fans at the vets. They all thought he was adorable too. Oh and they think he’s going to be big!

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