Make new friends

Buddy met his doppelgänger today. Boxed him up and took him up to Cantley for a hack out with my friend and her horse Hugo. Talk about Matchy Matchy horses.

Lovely to take him somewhere new and explore new routes. Both boys seemed to enjoy each other’s company. We chatted the whole way round. There was a lot for them to deal with including huge lorries on narrow roads (with air brakes). Buddy definitely had his brave pants on. And we didn’t get too wet.

Buddy also encountered his first chicken. Not sure he’s a fan judging by his reaction. Still he walked past it at the second attempt.

Unfortunately the twat award goes to me for trying to drive off with the ramp still down. Thankfully no damage done and I shall now revert to the 3 check system I had for the trailer!

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