Enjoy the ride

Today has been a very good day (and the step count rather high).

Walked to the yard this morning to meet Maddy from Norfolk Equine Sports Massage for Buddy’s regular massage. I’m proud to be one of her sponsored riders.

Then I had to walk to the garage to get my lorry keys from my car. Bit of a fail there as I could have driven my lorry home last night rather than walking.

We headed off to Salhouse for a jumping lesson. Buddy travelled so much better so hoping that the lorry training is paying off. He was such a good boy in our lesson too. I had a few ‘crapbag’ moments as I rode like a muppet. But we’re definitely getting back to where we were.

Tired now. But then I’ve clocked up 26K steps today. And yes Buddy decided to poo the minute I tried to take a photo of him.

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