I met up with a friend today for a walk round Salhouse Broad and spotted this super cool tree. Not a clue how it grew like that, but it’s definitely doing it’s own thing.

I’ve had a couple of days of reflection after doing Tony Robbins 7 Day Challenge. It was epic, but made me think about some stuff I really hadn’t wanted to or thought I needed to.

I feel like I’ve let quite a bit go in the past week. And truly let it go.

My friend asked me what was the thing I was most grateful for during lockdown. It took me a while to work out the answer, but it’s forced me to stop.

Lockdown coming after my ankle really forced me to stop. It’s given me the time to work out what I want (and don’t want). It’s given me the time to try new things (who knew I could write a kids book?!), learn new things (marmalade, I’m just leaving that there) and truly rest.

I’m ready to kick on with H2 now. Let’s see what it has to bring!

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