I think the events of the past few weeks (months) have finally caught up with me. I’m crying again. Honestly I haven’t cried as much as I have this year. It’s like my body has stored all the tears up for now.

This year has been challenging to say the least. It’s been one thing after another. Hit after hit. And it’s not just lots of little things, it’s big life changing things too.

Covid wasn’t in my Top 5 bad things for 2020. It is now. I’ve never been worried about the virus. I’ve always been worried about the consequences of it. My Mum now having it feels like a weird irony.

Thankfully she’s responding well to treatment. But it’s another thing to deal with. She’s been through so much already. She’s been in and out of hospital since 19 July last year.

It’s hard knowing I can’t see her or my Dad because of Covid.

Today I just feel like every aspect of my life is a little off. Every area needs some attention, effort or TLC. But I can’t do that if I feel like I have no energy to give.

So today I stop. Today I focus on me. Today I sit on the sofa, watch Disney films, have kitten cuddles and cry as much as I need. Today I give myself some TLC.

This is a massive positive for me as it wasn’t that long ago that I would have beaten myself up and made myself keep going.

Today I stop. Tomorrow I get going again. It will be better I’m sure.

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