Embrace limbo

I’ve felt really flat and drained today. I feel like I’ve been in limbo forever, in fact all of 2020. It’s starting to get a bit warring.

I want to get on with things. I want to work. I want my business to be successful. I’m ready. I want to get going with Buddy. I want to see my friend and family. I want to truly celebrate my birthday. I’m frustrated that things aren’t going as fast as I want them to. A common theme in my life.

I know that it will all come together. I know that limbo never lasts forever. It’s hard when you look at that bar and wonder if you’re ever going to be able to get under it without making a complete idiot of yourself (or at my age pulling something). So I’m raising the bar myself, taking some of the pressure off and trusting that everything is going to be OK.

My Mum is back in hospital again. This hasn’t helped my mood. It’s hard not to worry about her and my Dad when they’re so far away. And even more so in this crazy Covid world we’re living in.

So today I had a self-care day. I did a long meditation, I went for a walk and I took the time to appreciate the beauty that’s all around me. I may be in limbo, but very lucky that it’s a beautiful limbo.

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