Vitamin D

After returning to fleeces and jumpers this week, the shorts were deployed again today. Gosh it’s been beautiful here, but so hot. I rather stupidly decided to sort out the greenhouse this morning. Talk about roasting!! Still I had a very productive few hours in my garden sitting the veg out.

Then popped Buddy over a few jumps. He got a gold star today. I’ve had him on a different supplement and it really seems to have made a difference. So that’s good. I’ve also bought him an infrared poll guard as he gets very tight there. That seems to be relaxing him too.

Thought I’d catch the final rays of sun in the garden. While I love the fact Nero wants to be with me, I’m not sure he’s got the hang of sunbathing. As if I need a hot water bottle…

All in all today has been a very good day.

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