While I was in hospital after my surgery, one of the senior nurses became very concerned about my weight. She told me that because my BMI said I was underweight she had to refer me to a dietician. I wasn’t at my best granted, having just redecorated my room several times, so wasn’t really paying much attention. A morphine migraine and low blood pressure will do that for you.

To be honest I hadn’t really thought too much about it. But today had a call from a dietician to discuss everything.

We went through what I eat, my attitude to food, my views on my weight. It was a really good conversation.

She was happy that I have an awareness of my relationship with food and that I’m trying to do my best. I’m one of this annoying people who forgets to eat, so that fact I know this helps me to be more proactive.

Food is the first thing to go with me. If I’m busy, tired or stressed I stop eating. And struggle to put on weight.

She was happy that while I’m slight, I have a varied diet and am trying to get the calories I need.

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