I haven’t said anything till now but sadly my relaxed chilled out long birthday hack didn’t go to plan as we have an incident with a car.

We were walking down one of the country lanes when a car came up behind us at speed. It got too close and unfortunately when Buddy spooked at some people behind a hedge, he span round and hit the car (showing how close it was to us).

The road was very narrow with drainage ditches both sides so there was nowhere for us to go.

It was an awful incident as the driver (and his passenger) were verbally abusive to me and tried to blame me for the incident. He wouldn’t listen to me and kept shouting.

Buddy was understandable stressed, as was I, and it was hard to stay calm and try to calm him down with everyone shouting. I’m afraid I lost my temper as I couldn’t believe that the driver would risk injuring Buddy, me, the other rider and horse I was with as well as themselves, just to get past us. Not proud of that.

The reason I’m sharing this is for awareness to my fellow riders and non-horsey people.

So to all non-horsey people: if you see a horse on the road, please slow down and give it space. They are flight animals and can react quickly to perceived danger. We will do our best to control the situation but giving us time to do that will keep us all safe.

We were wearing Hi-Viz and it was a clear road so we couldn’t have been missed.

The main thing is that everyone is OK. I’m very grateful for that. It could have been so much worse. I have reported it to the Police and on the BHS website.

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