Be reflective

So I’ve got 2 sleeps left in my 40s (and the fact I still refer to them as sleeps makes me young – right?!).

I’ve been reflecting today. I decided to have a rest day after my mammoth walk of yesterday. I’ve tried to keep busy during lockdown, but today I rested, restored and reflected.

I’ve achieved so much in my 40s. Sure I’m not going into my 5th decade where I thought I’d be. When I set out my plan for my 40s, I didn’t factor in being made redundant twice, my marriage ending, starting over with a mortgage, undergoing 3 surgeries for broke bones…. I could go on.

But I’ve dealt with everything that life has thrown at me. I’ve grown as a person. I’ve learnt a lot about myself. I’ve made friends. I’ve lost friends. I’ve had so many life changing moments. I’ve had incredible experiences. I’ve lived my life the best I can. And I’m very proud of myself.

Sure there are things I could have done differently. But as I enter my 50s, there are definitely more pros than cons.

Thank you to everyone who’s been on this journey with me. Here’s to the next decade!

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