Today has been a bit of a surreal day. I drove to Essex, took some photos and drove home. I love the bonkersness of my life, I really do.

I was very tempted to stop at Colchester Zoo on my way home. I do love a zoo. But I’ll save that pleasure for another day.

I used the driving time well, catching up on some phone calls and podcasts. I dread to think how many miles I’ve drive in the past week or so. Let’s just go with a lot. Good job I love driving too.



I went to the zoo today for an impromptu outing. I love the zoo. I especially love Lemurs. So it was wonderful to have such a special moment with one today.

He came over to see me and held my hands through the glass. He stayed like this for ages. Just staring at me as I stared at him.

Just wonderful. Maybe he recognised a fellow Lemur. 😍