Pony pats

I’m not sure where today has gone if I’m honest. It’s been a blur! I kind of love a day like that. One where you get to catch up with friends, work and ticking things off my ever growing to-do lists.

Buddy was super cuddly today. He spent a long time grooming me as I groomed him. He’s such an affectionate little boy.

Jump into 2023

Buddy and I had our first lesson of 2023. I was a little apprehensive as our last lesson of 2022 ended with a face plant for us both. I needn’t have worried. Buddy was in good form.

As it was the first lesson, we kept it simple. Still we were flying over a 105cm upright. Buddy found his springs for sure.

Got home and it was time to open the laptop and get back to work. I’ve really enjoyed my time off over Christmas and New Year. It’s been a fab break with lots of lovely people.

Dodo was very happy indeed that I was back at the laptop. He was purring so loudly on my lap.

And flop

I had another full on morning at the Chiro’s. Cause I haven’t done enough hours this week! I’m still going, but boy am I really tired now.

I went to see Buddy. He was more interested in his hay than me. Well he did say hello. He was more enthusiastic on the lunge I can tell you. He really does make me smile.

I’ve finally flopped. Feeling slightly jet-lagged now. Early night tonight me thinks.

It’s been an incredible week!

Welsh Wales

This is my home for the next few days. I’m here working at a conference. Not the nicest day to be doing a 260 mile drive. It was aquaplane galore on the motorways. The Comedy Car held its own against the onslaught of rain. I could hardly hear myself think it was so loud at times.

Took me nearly 6 hours to get here as there was a hold up on the M25. Still I’m here now, fed and watered and ready for the off.

Activate Swan-mode!!


Today I knuckled down and ticked lots of things off my to-do list. I’ve had a busy few weeks, so felt like I was behind with lots. Having said that, I had promised myself a bit of an easier month in August.

The heat has almost forced my hand as I’ve really struggled to maintain my usual pace in it. My brain hasn’t wanted to focus either.

Today I felt like I was firing on a few more cylinders. And finished my working day feeling like I’ve made a dent in stuff.

Took Buddy out for a leg stretch after his busy week too. One of the advantages of being the boss is that I get to decide when I work and when I play. Well, most of the time…

Sometimes it’s more works. Sometimes it’s more play. I think that’s called balance.


I met up with some of my former work colleagues for dinner tonight. We sat outside as it’s August. I was cold! I had to break out a gillet from the car. Ridiculous after the souring temperatures we’ve been experiencing.

It was rather pleasant though to feel cold. And yes, I’m British. I talk about the weather a lot! Dinner was lovely too. And so was the company.


Without stating the bleeding obvious, it’s been REALLY hot today. I’ve been melting over my laptop. I could feel the heat pouring in from the conservatory. Which was where the kittens slept today. Nutters!

Curtains closed, fan on and lots of fluids. It definitely helped. Finished the day sat in the shade listening to an interview with one of the founders of Brewdog. Really interesting guy.

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Wall to wall blue skies today in Costa Del Brundall.

Big smoke

This was my office today. Another early start as I was on the 6:30am train to London. I was part of the events’ team running an AGM. The venue was in Smithfield Market. The windows were stunning. One of the sun’s was missing. Apparently it was blown out in WWII.

The day was very successful and ran very smoothly. I also got to go on the new Elizabeth line. Super cool. Literally, as it’s all air conditioned. Good job too as it was rather hot today.

I love being back in London. Having worked there for many years, it’s so familiar and comfortable.

Now on the way home.

The horse does all the work

It’s always made me laugh when people say that the horse does all the work. And as riders, we just sit there. Today I’ve definitely disproved that.

We headed off for a lesson this morning over at Martham. We were put through our paces for sure.

After getting back and sorting Buddy out, I took the lorry home to give it a deep clean. We head off to our first training camp of 2022 this weekend. So I wanted it to be neat and tidy. 2.5 hours later!!! It doesn’t take me that long to clean my entire house.

Pretty sure it’ll needs another clean when I get back!


Greetings from Birmingham! Yes I know, I do get about sometimes. Up here working at a medical conference for a few days. Staying in a cute little AirBnb called ‘The Annex’. It’s really well done.

I’m looking forward to this bed tonight I can tell you.