Wishing Chair

One of the fun things about staying at my parents is that I stumble across things from my childhood. Take this book for example. I grew up reading Enid Blyton. And The Wishing Chair was one of my favourite. Famous Five was my favourite by far! I always wanted a border collie and I was definitely more George than Anne. Oh and I love ginger beer!!

The stories encouraged my sense of adventure, friendship and fun. I’ve often felt like I would have been right at home in one. Let’s face it, I’ve had a LOT of adventures in my life. I definitely plan on having tons more too.

After working most of the day, I headed to the hospital to see my parents. The staff are already recognising me. They ask how the other parent is doing. One asked how I was doing. Being honest, it’s been a really tough few years with my parents health issues. I’ve mentally prepared myself for the worst many times. So grateful every day I still have two parents.

After spotting this book, I made a few wishes of my own. And drank a ginger beer, though mine has alcohol in it…