Taking the piste

I had to break out the winter over trousers today! It was Baltic out there. These bad boys don’t get used much. As you can see from the state of them. They’ve been hung in my boot room for so long, they’ve bleached in the sun.

They’re also way too big for me. So I tend to feel like a small child dressing up while wearing them. I have to buy men’s ones so that they are long enough for me. They kinda look like those 1920 trousers with the wide thighs. The ones you see in 1920s photos.

Still they kept my thighs toasty warm. So who cares if I look like I should be riding an elephant or flying a plane. Being warm is good right now.


Two hats

I picked up my new riding hat today. No, this isn’t it. This is the new bobble hat I bought myself for winter while I was at the saddlery. Lush isn’t it?!

On Saturday, I bought a new riding hat in black. Which meant ordering it in. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted the blue one that I’d tried on.

I always go for black so messaged yesterday to ask if I could pick up the blue one instead. Came home with two hats. Given I got 15% off my new riding hat. This one was sort of free. That’s true Equestrian logic.

Winter duvet

I woke up last night feeling cold. So it was time to break out the winter duvet. Watch us have another heatwave now!

I love the feeling of snuggling up in fresh bedding. And the heaviness of the thicker duvet. It’s such a simple pleasure.

Regardless of what’s going on in my life. Or what time of the day or night I have to get up. I always make my bed. It’s such a little thing. But sets me up for a good day knowing it’ll be ready for me when I head to bed.

Jump around

Took Buddy over to World Horse Welfare today for a jumping lesson with Judith Barker. She’d set up a grid and a mix of show jumps and XC-style ones too.

Buddy was on very good form. And Judith said she could see improvements from our last lesson. So that’s good.

After a well-earned sausage roll and coffee (me not him), I went for a wander round to see some of the residents. These two cuties got lots of scratches. They’re so tiny compared to Buddy.

Winter is definitely on the way. I had to break out the ‘big dressing gown’ and over trousers earlier. And lit the fire tonight. The kittens and I are toasty on the sofa. It’s funny cause in the Summer I hardly see them.


Today I went out for hack fearing I’d overlayered. There was some warmth in the sun and it felt very Spring-like indeed.

Halfway round, the sun disappeared and I was very grateful of my extra layers. It felt very Wintery again.

At least we didn’t see any April Showers.

Winter beauties

Back home from a lovely weekend with Simon and Harry. It’s always good for my soul to spend time with them.

These little beauties were scattered over their path. Along with some stunning snowdrops. Spring is on its way. And that makes me very happy indeed.

Winter Wonderland

While Winter isn’t my favourite season, I do love the frosty sunny days. There’s something magical about the warmth of the sun against the cold crunch of the frost.

This morning it was a whiteout. But soon the sun was streaming in through the conservatory. Just beautiful.


So it seems that the weather is a weird as the world right now. It’s been sunshine and showers, with a few hailstones thrown in for good measure.

Oh and cold. Did I mention cold?! Spent the day wrapped in a blanket working at my desk. Got my layers wrong when I went to the yard too so started cold, ended cold and took forever to get warm.

Winter is definitely not my favourite season. The sky was very beautiful this afternoon though. There’s still so much green about. Weird.

Autumn hue

The weather chose well today. After yesterday’s indecisiveness, it was sunshine today. My goodness the wind was bitter though. Winter is on its way.

After the chaos of the past few weeks, this was the calm I definitely needed today.

Snow again?!

Is Winter mad at us?! Or did we upset Spring?! The weather is as odd as I felt yesterday. I can’t say I feel 100% but definitely better than I was.

I looked out the window earlier and the snow / hail was swirling around. Is that what it’s like to be in a snow globe?! Amazing the thoughts that pop into your head sometimes.