Chair claimers

After feeling unsettled yesterday, today I felt the need to be productive. As the weather was OK, I headed to the garden.

Mowed both lawns and several hours of weeding later, it looking much better.

The kittens are loving the new lorry chairs I was gifted. I washed them and put them out to dry. Think they’ve definitely been claimed!



Today I laid siege to my back garden. I now look like I’ve been self-harming after battling some nettles and brambles.

The wet / warm weather has meant my borders have gotten slightly out of control. It’s looking slightly better now.

Full brown bin stopped play (or skirmish in my case). So I took Buddy out for a leg stretch.

I now need to plan my next attack on the front garden. I’ll leave that for another day…

And rest

This morning I woke up and felt the need to be.

So of course that meant I did the housework, spend a few hours weeding and went for a lovely hack.

It’s my kind of ‘being’ I guess.

My British Eventing socks made me laugh. First time I’ve worn them. Can you see the cats on them?